How To Make Social Media Marketing Completely ROI Driven

Jan 16 2020 10:01:14

Can creativity and ROI go hand in hand? Yes. But is there a conscious effort to make them work in unison? No.

Advertising and marketing on social media have turned out to be a creative affair. More effort and resources are poured into moulding the virality aspect of the material on social media and less significance is awarded to generating ROI.

How can you make marketing on social media profitable? Let’s find out.

1.Set The Right Marketing Objective

Most brands on social media work on branding and awareness, but put very little efforts into revenue generation.

While awareness and branding is essential to marketing, it is also important to get your money’s worth back to your business.

That is why it is important to finalise the key objective for your social media marketing in the early stages of your business planning.

These objectives can be leads, building loyalty, improving customer service, or establishing contact with new customers and building your brand’s relationship with them.

A clear marketing objective will set the expectations right and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

2.Use Analytics And Data To Lead

It cannot be stressed enough just how valuable data is. The best part about data is that it is free, if you are willing to put some work into it.

You can hire a social listening or analytics agency to find out what topics best suit your business needs and thereafter enable you to build content in that arena, establish your ground and start building from that point on.

When it comes to marketing on social media, there is no one size fits all strategy.

To be a leader in the industry, you need to understand your USPs clearly and communicate those USPs clearly to the audience that matter most to you.

Be clear, be precise and be honest. The audience will take to you for that. Don’t be anything you are not. The audience will be able to see through that and you will lose them quickly.

3.Knowing What To Say And How To Say It

Even if you have a clear idea on what your brand is about and what it needs to convey you have to understand that there are different audience segments on different social media platforms, and with each platform, the audience expects its content differently.

While your key message can be the same, how you say it matters.

Platforms like HubSpot allow you to organically grow your business without having to compromise on your message.

4.Don’t Just Talk, Listen

It is true that you are here for business and that is all there is to it. But to your customer, you are just another business.

Unless you have something truly exceptional and truly unique, remember that the customer always has the upper hand going to your competitor. You need them; they don’t need you. So you need to find a way to get them hooked to your brand.

While brand messaging helps in achieving that to a certain extent, what matters is what you tell your customers on a regular basis.

Do not be sales-oriented. Be their needs-oriented. Let them understand how valuable your product/service is to their needs in a whole new way. When you make it your objective to help them discover a need and along the way to help them with solutions from your business to tend to that need, they would appreciate you for it.

5. Keep Your Expectations Modest

If you are a new business, don’t expect too much returns from your social media marketing spends, because on social media, you will only gain ground after a few months. You won’t see results immediately. It is a slow and steady process.

When you are a business of a substantial standing in the industry, the communication you make on your social media channels will be mostly addressed to your existing customers and to a certain extent — your prospective customers. Unless you are spending more money to extend your reach to new customers, you can’t expect an abnormal return on your investment. 

Social media has made it easy for new and small businesses to succeed with ease. With the right marketing objective, right tools and software, and right messaging, you can make social media work for your business.