Snapchat Marketing

Snapchatters are a unique, valuable audience that can't be reached anywhere else


SnapChat is a mobile application that primarily is based on image messaging. SnapChat app has evolved a great deal since its launch in 2011, where photo sharing was limited to person to person. Now SnapChat users can present their multimedia as stories in a 24-hour chronological order, along with “Discover” to let brands show ad-supported short-form entertainment.


If your business is targeting Millenials and Gen Z, you have to be on Snapchat. Take a look at these staggering numbers. 218 million people use Snapchat every day, on average and spend about 30 minutes. Also, $1 trillion is the direct spending power of millennials, Gen Z and Snapchatters are 20% more likely to make purchases on mobile. Now famous, stories format was first introduced by SnapChat

The point is that the opportunities offered by this platform, particularity in the space of advertising is yet to be fully realized. The growth numbers alone is sufficient enough to portray the marketing potential this application brings to the table, and is the primary reason why no business can ignore from being on SnapChat.


Easier to reach out to younger audience – After Instagram, SnapChat is the only platform where you can find the young generation hanging out. As per the recent study, millennials spend more time on SnapChat and Instagram than Facebook or Twitter. That is why Snapchat marketing is important for your business.


Enhanced 1-on-1 engagement – As long as individuals are following you on SnapChat it is easier to send one-on-one content to them. This offers Businesses great opportunities to customize their marketing massages.


Partnering with influencers made easy – Most brand influencers that you can find on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc, are also on SnapChat. Businesses can leverage on these influencer’s established popularity to push through their messages.


Go to platform to look cool – Looking cool is key to attracting younger audience to you. With more and more young people joining in, Business simply cannot ignore from being on SnapChat.


Advertising revenue and reach – SnapChat’s advertising revenue reached a whopping $940 million in 2017. Such a growth within a short period of time provides enough clues for businesses that advertising on SnapChat works.


Goal Based Bidding System for Advertising – SnapChat recently introduced a revolutionary goal-based bidding system, which tracks the effectiveness of ads in the form of Swipes. Also metrics like likes, views, time spent viewing, reach, etc. is included in the bidding system.
Advertising options for Marketers – SnapChat offers 3 unique options for marketers to run ads on the platform – this includes SnapChat Ads, Sponsored Geofilters, and Lenses. Within SnapChat Ads, SnapChat advertisers can decide on the type of content they want to advertise – from Articles, Long-Form Video, App Install, Sponsored Stores, and Web View.
Content Volume – SnapChat consumes an enormous amount of content on a daily basis – the numbers has reached to over 10 billion videos per day.


Easy and faster reach out to target audience – Ads targeting options with a variety of filters that are based on interests, demographics, location, device attributes, Snap audience match and more.


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