How impactful is your brand’s visual marketing strategy

Apr 21 2020 12:04:00

Although fascinating, the continually evolving marketing strategies are compelling brands to be on their toes steadily. The latest trend of visual marketing and user-generated content is something that is creating a lot of buzz in the industry.

In fact, market experts have stated that 2020 is going to be all about visual marketing strategies. After all, the prominence of visuals is skyrocketing, providing social media penetration in day-to-day lives.

This puts forth incredible opportunities in front of brands to incorporate a visual marketing strategy. But, the question now arises - how a brand’s visual marketing strategy could be impactful? Let’s find out in this post.

What is Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is all about employing visuals, such as videos, graphic designs, images, and infographics into the marketing strategy. It helps the target audience visualize products or the brand’s message better so as to make an informed decision.

Considering that the consumer attention span is decreasing drastically, visual marketing is a concept that can help capture the attention seamlessly.

The Impact of Brand’s Visual Marketing Strategy:

Acts as an Attention Grabber:

Digital content is constantly bombarding varied target groups, both on smartphones and computers. By implementing a substantial visual set into the existing marketing strategy can help brands pop out from the clutter.

Take Amul India for instance. Along with being creative, their topicals also  complement well with their products and the affairs happening in the country. This simply states that not just an explicit strategy can help grab the attention of customers but can also streamline the promotion of discounts, new products, and so much more.

Identifies the Dynamics of Social Media Platforms:

One thing that manages to keep brand owners excited is the fact that their target audience rarely seizes to use social media platforms. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are relishing billions of followers, making visual content all the way more important for businesses.

Keeping in mind that visuals are easy to read; they are perfect for those who browse through their social media while eating, commuting, or just relaxing. Further, every platform has a different dynamic; meaning, what works the best on Instagram may not work well for Twitter and vice versa.

For UAE national day, KFC, targeting the millennials, converted its bucket meal into an interactive AR experience. While enjoying the meal, customers could see a virtual story on smartphone screens. 

This turned out to be an effective way to engage customers with a blend of technology and perfect age-group research. Thus, a marketing strategy seems fruitful if these dynamics are kept in mind while serving the audience as they have the potential to generate maximum results.

Decreases the Need to Invest Resources:

Unlike other marketing campaigns, visual marketing doesn’t come with the need to invest heavily in resources. 

For instance, everybody preaches about self-love and esteem, but very few implement the same. Boosting the same, Dove’s global campaign conducted independent research on self-esteem and their campaigns promote the same without investing a massive chunk of money.

Concentrating on images? A free online tool to create eye-catching images can be helpful. Likewise, there are several other platforms for varied graphics and videos. However, one thing to consider is that though it is possible to add almost anything in a visual marketing strategy, a business should also cross-check whether everything being implemented is accurate for them or not.

Brings The Authenticity of the Company:

Sure, brands manage to develop websites and other materials complementing their voice and message; however, visual content has the power to bring out the face behind that voice.

Several well-renowned brands across the world, including Zappos, Buffer, and more have defined their core values and missions statement. Ultimately, irrespective of what they provide, everything revolves around their integral values; bringing out the authenticity in a positive manner.

With appropriate visual marketing material, brands get to show the reality and at the same time, enjoy the process of getting creative. For instance, creating a behind-the-scenes video of the team can put forth the natural sense of the company so that the target audience gets to have a glimpse of what goes on inside their favourite brand.

There are boundless possibilities of how brands can be original. The only restrictions that may occur are in terms of time, budget and creativity. Other than that, bringing out the authenticity is just a matter of time.

Helps Strengthening Brand Recognition:

Brands know their business operations inside out. They might also be staying current on the latest trends within the industry and have original ideas to handle the competition.

Establishing a business as a sought-after definitely helps the brand, and visual content helps to strengthen it all. Take a product launch for an example. How can the company make it easier for the audience to understand more about the product? 

Filming a video that highlights the functions and features explicitly, so the consumers get to know how to use it better turns out to be more effective than writing a blog in detail.

Isn’t it amazing how monuments like the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, or the Eiffel Tower represent their respective countries? The same way brands need to come up with something substantial that imprints the product image in the minds of consumers. Making a video viral can help significantly as well.

In Conclusion:

It is not that difficult to scrutinize the appeal that visual content has in business strategies. In modern society, visuals have a unique role to play. Whether you are targeting professionals, millennials, or even elderly – a variety of visuals, clubbed together, can help bridge the gap between a brand and success.  

If you are considering to implement visuals in your existing campaigns, try to figure out effective and exceptional ways to do so. You have got your creative freedom – use it well.